Different Kinds Of Floor Insulation

Floor insulation works wonders for your home. Not only will it seal the holes in your floor, it can also reduce the instances of draft in your home. You can save as much as $95 every year in heating costs, as insulated floors keep the warmth inside your home. You can also do it yourself for as low as $160 in materials and equipment. Before you go ahead and install floor insulation all by yourself, you first need to know what type of floors you have.

If you’re interested in keeping your home warm and environment-friendly, here are a few things should know about floor insulation.

Insulating suspended timber floors

As a general rule, older homes usually have suspended timber floors. If you want to make, sure, then visit your basement and look up – if you see wooden joists and floorboard undersides, then it means you have a suspended timber floor. If you have ventilation bricks below your floors, it will further strengthen the conclusion that you have suspended timber floors.

Insulating suspended timber floors is very easy, you just need to lift the floorboards and put mineral wool insulation underneath, in between the wall joists. After replacing your floors, make sure to seal the gaps in between.

You can also insulate your timber floors from below: the basement. Inspect your floor if they have signs of wet rotting. If they don’t, you can go ahead with underfloor insulation. Keep them in place with safety netting.

Insulating solid concrete floors

If you have purchased a relatively new home, then chances are you have solid concrete floors. You just have to place rigid insulation boards on top of your floors. If you want to replace your floors, you can add insulation to your new floors.

Things to remember

Before you put insulation boards on top of every floor in your house, here are some things you need to remember.

You don’t need to insulate floors located above heated areas, such as the living room. Instead, you need to focus on insulating floors above unheated places such as the garage. Chances are you lose a lot of heat through these types of areas.

Apart from insulating your floors, you need to work out on the small cracks and crevices on your floors. Fill the spaces between the floor boards and skirting boards with sealants which you can purchase from your nearby hardware store. These sealants are very cheap, they only cost about $30.

Do you know that it is very easy to insulate your timber floor if there is an unheated cellar or basement space just below, where you can go? Just check the joists which are supporting the floorboards. If they are in good condition and aren’t wet or dry, you can fit in the insulation in between the joists. You can hold them in place with the help of netting if it is required.

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