Give A Makeover To You Bathroom

What is bath resurfacing?

A bath resurfacing is processes of repairing and refreshing the faulty or worn out the area of a bathtub and give it a new look. With a polyester putty or bondo, the cracks and chips are repaired. After the repairing of every defect is complete, the surface is prepared with the aid of acid etching. Bathtubs made up of fibreglass, enamel or porcelain are non-porous and thus do not offer a good substrate on which the new coating can be applied. Acid etching offers a proper surface that permits better adhesion. You can also achieve a proper adhesion by applying silane on the surface of the bathtub before applying a new coating. You can either use both the method independently or together, but the best adhesion is achieved by applying both saline and acid etching together. Once the surface of the bathtub is prepared for proper adhesion, a coat of primer is applied on it which followed by a top coat.

Bath resurfacing is also known as bathtub re-enameling, bathtub re-glazing and bathtub resurfacing.

Benefits of bath resurfacing-

With passing day, the bath resurfacing by Innerbath has gained lots of fame and customer. It is an easy and cheap way of enjoying all the benefits of a new bathtub without having to buy one. It can give a new life to your old bathtub. Some of the benefits of bath resurfacing are mentioned below-

  • Give a new look to your bathtub – If you have got bored or don’t like the look of your bathtub, then bath resurfacing is the best option for you. It can change the look and colour of your bathtub and some of the bath resurfacing service providers may also additional functional upgrades such as anti-skid bottoms and safety door.
  • Saves your time – Replacing an old bathtub with a new one is a time-consuming process. It may take a week or even more to tear an old bathtub out of your bathroom and then install a new one in its place. If your bathroom has old pipers, then the process may take even more time. On the other hand, bath resurfacing does not demand much time. It can be completed in a fraction of a time. Bath resurfacing will offer you a new bath tub and just within a span of few days.
  • Saves your money – Buying a new bathtub and then installing it on your bathroom may cause a hole in your pocket. When compared to it, bath resurfacing is a very cheap process. With the saved money, you can upgrade your bathroom and buy things for it that you have been looking for a long time.

Bath resurfacing services-

Many companies and services dealers are providing bath resurfacing services. If your bathtub is of your wrong color, is peeling, cracked or stained, you can contact the bath resurfacing provider and they will give you a new bathtub at a very low process. They will repair and upgrade your bathroom and give you an all new experience. You can even take the Shower repair services, through the hands of a professional team of workers.

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