Three Wild Roof Trends Of 2018

Trends change quickly. One day, something is popular, the next it is considered obsolete. Keeping track of what is trendy can be difficult. But it is not too late to join up and get involved in the latest trends, which is why we spoke to Guardian Roofing – the best in roof restoration company in Melbourne – about the best roofing trends of 2018. Below are three of the most popular:

Trend One: Colour Blind
Want to make your roof stand out this year? Well, going for a full colour explosion is the trend that everyone is up for! Over the past year, the most popular roofing colours have been full on colour explosions that mimic the colours of your landscaping or reflects your unique personality. This has included different colours, such as red, green and navy blue. Now, you could mix a bunch of colours together (we recommend that you don’t) or you can stay with one flow. But at least now, you’ll be going with the trend when it comes to colourful designs.

Trend Two: Going Green
It is 2018 and if there one thing that everyone is behind (well, mostly everyone) is helping the environment. This means that homeowners that are looking to repair their roofs, restore them or have a new one install, are looking for more eco-friendly options. They are looking for materials that are made with an eco-friendly approach, ones that don’t spend too much energy and help decrease the household’s impact on both the local and global environment. So in 2018, make sure you go green for the benefit of the world around you. You also get too save plenty of money on your energy bills if you are concerned about that too.

Trend Three: Getting Minimal

Over the last few years, homeowners have gone to more complex, wild creations when it comes to their homes renovations and developments. But in 2018, the route has changed, especially when it has come to roofing. More and more homeowners are looking at roofing designs that have cleaner and simpler lines. No longer are they looking at extravaganza designs and tiles; they are opting for more simple designs, ones that don’t break the flow of the roof at all. It is also better in terms of management, as it doesn’t require any additional work, such as roof repointing services, if something goes wrong. So if you are thinking about getting tiles that are going to be wild, slow down and consider a simpler model: it’s one of the bigger trends of 2018.

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