Therapeutic Saddle Pads

Luxurious CHRIST Horsedreams Champ saddle pads


The Christ saddle pads with luxurious thick Australian merino sheepskin in the saddle positions are suitable for use with all types of saddles, many different styles and shapes are available with and without insert pockets. The saddlepad in the pictures here is our best-seller, it is the standard Christ Champ treeless pad with pouches and removable inserts. The Champ treeless pads are recommended for use under the Christ fur-saddles (when used with stirrups) and to increase spinal clearance and or weight distribution under other types of treeless and traditional saddles. They are also a good choice for many other treeless designs and we like them especially for horses with sensitive skin.

The pouches of the Champ treeless pads accommodate a choice of removable inserts. The top layer of the pad is a high quality quilted cotton. The Christ pads have Velcro straps or strings attached front and back to fix the pad to the saddle.

Colors: black or brown cotton upper with natural colour merino on the bottom

Sizes: PO or WB (S1 and S2)

Prices including GST:

– Standard Christ Champ pad with removable composite foam inserts $239 +$45 for foam inserts


Christ Premium/Basic Plus (english) saddlepad with foam inserts

Christ Champ pad Basic Plus with inserts          IMG_7044

This saddlepad is available in black or brown for use with our Christ Basic Plus and Premium Plus fursaddle. These pads are also a good choice for many treeless and traditional dressage saddles.

Price with removable foam inserts $209 plus $45 for foam inserts



Christ Champ Iberica pad with removable composite foam inserts

6385.62 Satteldecke


This saddlepad accompanies the Iberica Plus fursaddles and the Hidalgo leather-tree Spanish saddles. They can be used under other styles of saddles also. They have insert pockets to allow to insert, remove and adjust foam inserts and shims. They have a lovely contour and give generous space to horses withers.

Price with removable foam inserts: $224 + $45 for foam inserts


other products made by the company Christ that we usually keep in stock, waiting times from time of order do apply in case we are sold out on an item, you find more info with pictures on the accessories page also:

– Christ C7 sheepskin detergent concentrate, 250ml: $15

– Christ Merino universal girthsleeves: $100

– Christ merino anatomical girths, two buckle dressage girth: $194

– Christ merino moon girth, 2 buckle Dressage girth: $194 (designed for horses with forwarded girthgrove)

–  Christ merino western girth (special order only) $194

–  Christ Merino seat savers for english saddles $110

– Christ Merino seat cover Evolution $165

– Christ Merino seat cover for stocksaddles $194

–  Christ Fur Saddles with foam inserts from: $539.- please see fur-saddle /bareback pad page

We are happy to order any other Christ Horsedreams product in for you i.e. saddlepads and halfpads without pockets for use under traditional saddles. Those items will be treated as ‘special orders’ and unconditional sales apply: no returns or exchange is possible. Please email us for the comprehensive Christ Horsedreams brochure to see the full selection of merino products.


Inserts for use with any of the saddlepads in our shop, prices are per pair:

– 1.5cm composite foam: $45

– 12mm memoryfoam, medium $40




Grandeur Saddlepads, made in Germany for treeless, flexible and traditional/treed saddles (please see specials page for more Grandeur pads)

Grandeur Half-pads with insert pockets –

Designed to achieve wither relief and spinal clearance for higher withered horses while also improving weight distribution . Recommended especially for owners of the Christ fursaddles used with stirrups and for use under the Ghost and Spanish saddles to increase spinal clearance. We also recommend the Half pads for endurance in combination with a full size saddlepad i.e. the D Lua Park pad.
Grandeur Halfpad 1

They have a fleece bottom and non slip upper material to reduce movemen between the saddle and the saddlepad. These half-pads also lend themselves for use under traditional/treed saddles for rehab situations and to achieve better fit and protection for your horse’s back and withers. Please note that any saddlepad with inserts does take up gullet space so if you use a traditional/treed saddle with a rigid gullet it needs to be generous in the gullet size.

Price: AU$195 inc GST with memoryfoam inserts