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Grandeur Saddlepads, made in Germany for treeless, flexible and traditional/treed saddles


Grandeur therapeutic saddlepad

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Grandeur Physio pad, anatomically shaped with insert pockets, fleece lining and non-slip upper to suit treeless saddles, flexible saddles and traditional saddles

Anatomically shaped saddle pad that is available in several different shapes to suit the English, Western and Spanish saddles. The Grandeur pads come standard with 12 mm thick, shock absorbing, memoryfoam inserts, quilted cotton outer lining, wool fleece in the saddle position and hard-wearing felt underside. There are either two or four adhesive strips for attachment to the saddle depending on the model.

NEW all Grandeur pads with insert pockets now have a layer of black nonslip material on the top of the pad at no additional cost.

These saddlepads are machine washable up to30°C, the natural rubber inserts can be left inside the pad pockets during washing.

Colors available:
black | brown | bordeaux | royal blue

Grandeur makes saddlepads shaped perfectly to suit all the individual Hidalgo models. The saddlepads in the pictures here are shaped to suit most treeless saddles, however Spanish, western and Dressage shaped saddlepads are also available. The quality of the Grandeurpads is superb, they last even under tough conditions and with hard use. We like the Grandeur pads especially for horses with refined, medium and higher withers.

Price: AU $255.00 inc GST with memoryfoam inserts






Grandeur Half-pads with insert pockets - designed to achieve wither relief and spinal clearance for higher withered horses while also improving weight distribution . Recommended especially for owners of the Christ fursaddles used with stirrups and for use under the Hidalgo saddles to increase spinal clearance as well as for Hidalgo's used for endurance. They have a fleece bottom and non slip upper material to reduce movemen between the saddle and the saddlepad. These half-pads also lend themselves for use under traditional/treed saddles for rehab situations and to achieve better fit and protection for your horse's back and withers. Please note that any saddlepad with inserts does take up gullet space so if you use a traditional/treed saddle with a rigid gullet it needs to be generous in the gullet size.

Price: AU$185 inc GST with memoryfoam inserts


Grandeur Numnahs, shaped cotton pads (no insert pockets, no non-slip upper) We have these elegant simple saddlepads with anatomical shape to allow for the horse's withers in many styles to suit the individual Hidalgo models. These pads are recommended under the Hidalgo's for well muscled horses for pleasure and flatwork.

Price: AU$125 inc GST



Inserts for use with any of the saddlepads in our shop, prices are per pair:

- 12mm natural rubber inserts: $30

- 1.5cm composite foam: $30

- 12mm memoryfoam, medium $40 (best inserts for use with the Hidalgo saddles)

For endurance we usually recommend to set up the saddlepad with a layer of memory foam inserts in combination with the Hidalgo saddles.

Please note: memory foam is by its nature temperature sensitive and it softens as it warms up, therefore this foam will require multiple girthing at the beginning at every ride.

We sometimes run low/out on insert materials and during those times our new and existing saddle customer will receive priority treatment. Thank you for your understanding.




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