Dressage and GP leather-tree Saddles made by Hidalgo

You may want to read the info on the Spanish saddle page for general info about Hidalgo leather-tree saddles. The english models have the same construction except they have english shaped velcro panels and an english shape.

As with the Spanish saddles there are saddle models in the affordable ‘II’ range starting from $1400 and the top of the range ‘Special’ models start at $2000. The construction is the same for the II and Special saddles, the difference is in the leather quality and choices re sizes, hardware and color combinations.

Here are some of the many available models:

Allicante II GP saddle


Allicante II Special GP saddle


Hidalgo Leon Special, with extra large weight bearing area


Hidalgo english velcro panels are available in different thicknesses and length


Mallorca Special, Dressage saddle with a Spanish flair

Venice II Dressage saddle