Christ Horsedreams merino Fur Saddles / Bareback Pads

Luxurious Horsedreams Fur Saddles, made by ‘Christ’, the ultimate in bareback pads

Iberica on Arabian

The Christ bareback pads are truly ‘the ultimate’ in bareback pads and they are the perfect solution for responsible bareback riding. They go by the name ‘fur saddle’ in Europe and Horse Connection decided to adopt this name. All the fursaddle models are anatomically contoured to provide space to the horses withers and they are now sold by Horse Connection with a thick foam layer built into the seats to protect horse and rider from each others bony structure. All Horsedreams fur saddles have a monkey strap and the Premium Plus (see pic) and the Iberica Plus have foam filled thigh rolls and a cantle for rider security. The Basic Plus has no kneerolls but it does have a foam cantle. All fur saddle models are equipped with sturdy D rings for breastplate or crupper attachments front and back. The fursaddles can be put straight on the horse without additional underlay but you can also use a layer underneath to protect it from dirt or to increase protection from seatbone pressure on longer rides. All fursaddles have double girth points meaning you will need a normal two buckle Dressage girth to secure it on your horse.

You can attach stirrups to your fursaddle. Please note that if you do ride with stirrups, a treeless pad with spinal relief and foam inserts is required under the fursaddles. The fursaddles are not suitable for stirrup heavy riding styles i.e. jumping and two pointing. You can post to the trot but longer stretches of rising trot should be alternated with a period of walk or lope or canter with only little weight in the stirrups.

Duncan and Sophie in the Christ Iberica Fursaddle           IMG_6713          Christ Horsedreams Iberica Plus Fursaddle rearing

These fursaddles are exceptionally well made from top quality Australian merino, length of fur is 3cm in the top and bottom fur layer. Down the flaps and in-between the top and bottom layer of fur a top quality quilted cotton material is used. We are extremely happy with the quality and the service that the company Christ has offered solidly to us in the 12 years we have had dealings with them.

‘Christ’ has won several awards for their forward thinking approach where it comes to the protection of the environment, they are self sufficient and create zero pollution. To our knowledge this is the only tannery in the world to release no toxins into the environment and they also refuse any involvement with live animal exports.

Riding in these bareback pads is a lot of fun and is highly recommended to anyone who likes a close contact feel but is also concerned about seatbone pressure. For people on a restricted budget who can not afford a well fitting saddle for their horse please consider this option. We know several people who started their young horses in these fursaddles and also a fair few who no longer use their well fitting saddles because riding in fursaddles is addictive. They are also super practical since they hardly weigh anything and for once you really do not need to adjust anything if you use the fursaddle on horses of different shapes except when you are dealing with a really high wither. Otherwise they selfadjust to any shape without adopting a certain shape and can be used on multiple horses.

The new kid on the block is the ‘Premium Plus h/w fursaddle’ especially designed for the typical TB high wither and lacking Trapezius muscle type horse. They cost a little more since it is a lot of work to generate the stronger contour/wither relief. They retail at $749

In Europe the Christ fursaddles are used for classical Dressage and a book was just released on this topic, unfortunately the book has not been translated into english language as yet. You can of course also use the fursaddles for pleasure riding and natural horsemanship.

The Christ Horsedreams fur-saddles are available in two adult sizes, for smaller and bigger riders and there is a kids size available called Shetty. Due to the soft and totally flexible structure, the rider rather than the horse determines the correct size of fursaddle. The rider’s weight is not transferred under the front and back of these bareback pads. Therefore length is just a looks issue but not a fit issue, concerns about length apply to saddles but not soft bareback pads and Christ fur-saddles.

6323462 Iberica Plus

All Christ products can be washed in your machine, the bottom part of the fursaddles detaches via a zipper. We stock the Christ C7 sheepskin detergent concentrate to support you in taking good care of this lovely product.

Basic Plus black Basic Plus

Right now we have the Iberica Plus fursaddles in stock in the large size in soft black upper and natural merino bottom. The Basic Plus we have in stock in both adult sizes in soft black upper merino and natural merino bottom. Small/med Iberica’s are in transit.


3 sizes are available: small/medium (PO) for riders to max size 12 in jeans, large for riders size 12-16 in jeans (WB) and the large kids size is called ‘Shetty’

Fur-saddles are sized to the rider not the horse, length is not relevant since no/zero weight is distributed in front or behind the riders pelvis


Horsedreams Fur saddle ‘Iberica Plus’ with foam inserts: $719

Horsedreams Fur saddle ‘Premium Plus’ with foam inserts: $629

Horsedreams Fursaddle ‘Premium Plus h/w’ with foam inserts: $749

Horsedreams Fur Saddle ‘Basic Plus’ with foam inserts: $539


Horsedreams ‘Iberica saddlepad’ with foam inserts: $224 + foam inserts$45

Horsedreams ‘English saddlepad’ for Premium and Basic Plus $209 + foam inserts $45

Horsedreams saddlepad ‘Champ’ w. inserts (suits all fursaddles in the larger size) $239 + inserts $45

Please ad $25.- for registered and insured postage for all fursaddle orders from NE QLD, NSW and Vic. Postage to all other locations in Australia costs $35


Other products made by Christ Horse Dreams proudly distributed exclusively by Horse Connection in Australia since 2005: anatomically shaped merino Dressage girths; Moon girth, merino seat covers for treeless and soon also for all styles of traditional saddles including Stocksaddles; C7 sheepskin detergent concentrate – please see accessories page for more info. We are happy to order in any other horse product made by the company Christ on request, in case you spot something you like on a foreign website.


6323262 Iberica Plus        6385.62 Satteldeckeand the belonging Iberica Champ pad with foam inserts


Natalie’s thoughts and tips: most of the common garden variety bareback pads are only suitable for very short rides. For longer rides please use a padded treeless saddlepad under your bareback pad or invest in a Christ Horsedreams fur saddle which was the first bareback pad on the worldmarket with sufficient padding to prevent seatbone pressure successfully. Bareback pads that are rectangular along the topline /not contoured / do not have in-built wither relief are a hazard for higher withered horse but are also not comfy too often for lower withered horses… beware of grand brand names and sales blurbs that try to sell you a bb pad without wither contour for top money

Generally I do not agree with the theory ‘bareback riding is natural and good for the horses back’ due to our bony structure digging into the horses back. A few years ago I had the opportunity to sit on a high tech pressure mat to check my seatbone pressure. I had asked not to have a saddle, saddlepad or bb pad between my bum and the mat for this exercise to find out what me riding bareback means for my horse. I weigh just 52kg and the pressure under each of my seatbones was in a range that without a doubt translates to discomfort for the horse… very frankly I was a bit shocked and it changed my way of thinking.