Care & Use of your Christ Horsedreams product

The Christ merino products are made of first class ausssie merino hides plus cotton, nylon thread and stainless steel hardware. We recommend to wash these merino products only when you can no longer separate the fibers with a brush after allowing the fur to dry. Best way to look after them we find is to air dry the merino by turning your pad/girth/fursaddle upside down after each ride and to quickly comb the dry merino before saddling up the next time. Once the fibers matt up to the point that you can no longer comb out the fur please use a sheepskin detergent i.e. the Christ C7 and wash the item on cold cycle in the washing machine. Allow to air dry post washing.

Do not tumble dry or dry clean. The merino holds up very well for many years under normal circumstances. Please do not dry Christ merino products in front of fires, don’t park them on heaters and would I not recommend to take them swimming 🙂


For further questions on use and care of the Christ Horsedreams products, please email us.


Note: Equestrian activities can be extremely enjoyable, but they are also dangerous. Horse Connection Kind Solutions P/L is not liable for any damages of any kind arising from the purchase or use of products offered for sale by Horse Connection including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damages.