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Horse Connection Staff are away for holidays and will return on August 9th, we will answer any emails and orders when we return.

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Horse Connection Kind Solutions Pty Ltd is a Specialist shop for tree-less and flexible saddle solutions since 2004. We offer a consultation service and a carefully hand picked selection of products in line with our learning curve.

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We are the exclusive Australian distributors for the Italian Ghost Saddles and have been involved with the development of these wonderful saddles. We also sell a lovely Leather-Tree Spanish saddle manufactured to our specifications. Additionally we proudly distribute the German Christ Horsedreams products including Fur Saddles & Therapeutic Saddlepads and we sell a range of Grandeur saddlepads plus various mounts and accessories.


slide on fenders on first ring       Iberica on Arabian      IMG_6522

The handmade Italian Ghost saddles are soft structured treeless saddles and mold to any shape as soon as you lower your weight in the saddle. These saddles will fit all the horses on your paddock except very high withered horses and those with bad wither pockets/muscle atrophy. The Ghost will not adopt a certain shape, it can be shifted from horses to horse without issues. These saddles have a lovely twist are very stable and they have an ergonomic seat design that offers a superb contact. The saddles provide relaible spinal clearance and weight distribution via panels which can be positioned for best fit via Velcro.  For more info please visit the Ghost Saddles page on this website. The above pictures right and left show a Ghost saddle, the photo in the middle shows a Christ Horsedreams Iberica Plus fur-saddle.


IMG_6853       Ghost Firenze, two tone reversed colours   11953134_1513745538916273_2471619926222102901_n     Ghost Barrocco brown and wool

The Spanish leather tree saddles in our shop are firmer in structure than the Ghost saddles and give more rider support. They fit low to max medium withered horses with good topline. They have a break in time and may not feel perfect during the first ride but by the third ride they will have molded to a degree that you will know if the fit and feel is agreeable to your horse and yourself. Most horses like the feel and structure of these saddles including sensitive and hard to fit horses. These saddles are super comfy and safe and they support a balanced riding position without effort, the panels cover a large area of the horse’s back which aids great weight distribution. For more info please visit the Spanish saddle page on this website.

Due to the flexibility, the lesser weight (3-5kg) and the reduced amount of hard components, the saddles we sell are more forgiving and usually better tolerated by the horse than many saddles with a rigid tree. Our saddles offer spinal clearance via velcro panels, these saddles do not touch the spinous process’s of your horse. We have looked at, taken apart, fitted, sold and ridden in lots of different types of treeless saddles over the last 15 years and our learning curve is reflected in the saddles you see in the shop today.

If you would like to find out if a saddle from our shop is suitable for your horse and yourself please email us to request our ‘saddle fit questionnaire form’. Our assessment of this form is fee and obligation free.

All new saddles from our shop are sold with a 7 day return option for peace of mind. Please read the details of this return policy on the policy page of this website. Saddles listed on the Specials page of this website are usually excempt from the 7 day return option.

Quevis saddle and Christ Iberica pad