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Horse Connection retails and distributes the German Christ Horsedreams merino products and the Austrian Hidalgo Leather-tree saddles in Australia.

Iberica on Arabian     

Please have a look at the various pages of our website to find more indepth info about the lovely Christ merino products. The Christ Iberica Plus fursaddle (pic on the left above) has been our best-seller for many years. On the gallery page you can see the fursaddles in action on horses of all different shapes and sizes. Christ Horsedreams products are manufactured in a sustainable way, the company has won several environmental awards for their efforts.

You will find a fair bit of info on the Spanish Hidalgo saddle page but we are still working on a page for the english style Hidalgo saddles. We used to fit and sell Hidalgo Saddles 2012 – 2014 and have recently added them to our shop again. After 14 years of riding in, fitting and selling treeless/flexible saddles of many different brands (Barefoot, Trekker, Startrekk, Freeform, Libra and Ghost) the Hidalgo gets the more points for horse and rider comfort and value for money than any other saddle that went through our shop… which is why it is back in our shop.